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Firm’s Profile
“Krystallidis & Associates” was founded in 2005. The firm is the evolution of Krystallidis & Associates Law Office, that pre-existed since 1986 and was later transformed into a law firm, aiming at optimizing legal services rendered and coping with the complex challenges faced in a national, European and international legal and financial reality evolving radically.

The law firm provides complete services to individuals and legal entities in Greece and abroad, as well as to public corporations, national, European and international.

We have our offices in Athens and also in Thessaloniki, Brussels and Nicosia.

Practice Areas

Public Procurement Law

Construction law, Public Works and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

EU and Human Rights Law

International Commercial and investment arbitration

Competition Law

Commercial & International Commercial Law

Shipping-Maritime Law

Banking, Financial and Capital Market Law

Business Consolidation, Mergers, Acquisitions and Consortia


Agricultural Law-Food and Beverage Sector

Environmental Law

Δίκαιο Ενέργειας-Ανανεώσιμες Πηγές Ενέργειας

Δίκαιο Τηλεπικοινωνιών

Slander and defamation cases

Intellectual and Industrial Property

Financial Crimes (White- Collar Crimes)

Media – Communication

Civil and Criminal Law

Krystallidis & Associates
Law Firm
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