Areas of Practice

Public Procurement Law
Great experience on participation in public tenders, on behalf of big companies. Provision of legal services covering all issues of public procurement. Legal consultant/advisor of the Central Macedonia Region (REGION OF KENTRIKI MAKEDONIA) on public procurement issues.

Constructions & Public Works Law
Among the clients are some of the biggest construction companies in Greece, as well as some of the most important engineering consulting firms in Europe. Legal advising on project manager companies in the field of public works. Special legal consultant of the "Technical Chamber of Greece". Legal advising to major project and construction management corporations. Member of the "Greek Association of the Study of Technology and Construction Law Issues". Member of the Lawyers' Union relative to the Constructions and Public Works Law.

Wide experience of representation before international arbitration courts such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris, and the International Centre for the Settlement of Investments Disputes (ICSID) in Washington.

Competition and Anti-Trust Law
Legal consultancy in competition and anti-trust cases involving freedom of movement.

Law of Protection of Individuals from Libel, Slander and Defamation
Acquired experience in defending individuals and corporations from libel, slander and defamatory statements.

European Law and Litigation on European Courts & Institutions
Special legal consultant of the "Technical Chamber of Greece" for European issues.

Commercial Law & International Trade Law
Wide experience in redaction of commercial contracts.

Corporate Mergers and Take-Overs
Wide experience on the fields of corporate mergers and take-overs ranging from small private acquisitions to cross - border take-overs of listed companies.

Joint Ventures
Advising in the setting up of modern forms of joint ventures in Greece and the Balkans.

Banking Law & Financial Services Law
Advising in all aspects of banking and financial services law.

Law of Media
Acquired experience in negotiating and drafting of contracts relate.

Intellectual Property
Provision of full services in relation to the protection and registration of IP rights (patents, trade marks, copyright and design).

White-Collar Crime Defense
Acquired experience in a wide range of cases of White-collar Crime.

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